Enjoy Living Your Dream Travel Job!

Have you ever wondered how all the fortunate people that love their travel careers got started? How they live amazingly wonderful lives all of the time? You know EXACTLY who I'm talking about...

They love their careers and are always smiling. Everyone is looking at them admires them when they go out on tour.... They all look crazy happy. Who are these people?! How did they get started in their amazing careers?

But you have to think these people must be coughing up thousands of dollars to do so......right?

You can live a wonderful life in travel and I can help you.

Get hired for: Adventure Tours-International Tours-Domestic Tours-Student Tours-Local Tours-Cruise Line Positons-Summer Alaska Careers-Meetings and Convention Careers-Local and Travel-and more!

Careers for: Young Adventurist-College Students-Empty Nesters-Moms-Active Retirees

Everyone that loves to work in a rewarding career!

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lead tours around the world!

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Live Your Dream Travel job in 2022!

You'll Start Your New Career with 3 Easy Steps!

Learn the 15 best PAID travel careers.

​Links included directly to the hiring sites of major tour operators!

Apply immeidatly with the company(s) that interest you!

​​Save time, deadends, years of frustrions and thousands of dollars!!

1. Select the travel career(s).

2. Click on link to hiring site.

3. Apply!

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I started my professional career in teaching, sales and going from career to career looking for my ideal career, one I loved.

How did I get started? I wrote back and forth for over 1.5 years to work onboard a cruise ship for free taking care of the children. I finally got hired for my free cruise and I loved working onboard!

That free cruise led to a wonderful career of leading international tours and cruises. Today I continue to lead domestically and international tours, cruises and programs. I am always grateful for my career in tourism.

There is so much misinformation about our wonderful careers. People think you can't make a great living in travel...wrong! You have to sell travel for others to make a living...wrong! You have to spend thousands of dollars to get started...wrong! You have to know someone to get in....wrong! It's really difficult to get into a travel career...wrong!

Twenty years ago I started training others like you to do the same through colleges, in person classes, online, speaking and through my "Tour Director Training Guide". (tourtraining.com) My training guide is used by colleges and individuals throughout the world. There are so many wonderful careers!

I know travel and love helping others like you, to live their dream jobs! I save my students the time, frustration and deadends many go through trying to get started in an enjoyable, enriching and rewarding career.

Questions? Let me know. I'll help!


949 830 8603 PST

BUT FEW know the wonderful fullfilling careers how to get started

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Let me save you time and frustration of trying to get iinto a career you really love.

II am grateful everyday for my career.

You can live a wonderful life in travel.

You can live a profitable and enriching life in travel!

You can love your career!

You can get paid to travel!


I have done all of the work for you and share my over 20 years of experience in traveling the world.

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Select Career

Learn about the best 15 PAID travel opportunities. Select the career of your chocie.

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Links directly to the major employers are listed. Click on the link to their hiring site.

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Download your resume and fill out their application(s).

Hi Cherie,

I think that almost not a day goes by that I am not thinking of you and the amazing miracle that our paths crossed. You truly changed my life.

I have now been at T…. Tours for 27 years and at Princess for 28 years. It is hard to believe. Your class was so spot-on in everything I learned, not only on how to get hired but all of the many details of tour directing. After all of these years, I very often refer to the things you taught our class and they are a great insight and help in various situations.

So often someone asks me where I went to school to learn about tour directing. I proudly tell them I did not spend thousands of dollars and several weeks of my life. Instead, I received a superior education in a lot less time and for a lot less money. I love seeing the surprise on their faces when I tell them about you. I am so thankful that I saw your class in the Chaffey College catalog, way back in 1994.

Are you still doing your classes?

I just wanted to reach out and say Hi and a Big Thank You for your amazing expertise and for changing my life!

All the best,

Heidi L.

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My guarantee to you is that you will find "Enjoy Living Your Dream Travel Job!" helpful and invaluable in your new career. I am so sure, I have a 90 day money back guarantee.


Immeidate download!

feedback about THE AUTHOR

L“Cherie Anderson is a vivacious, detail-oriented, multi-cultural, superior tour director who eagerly shares her passion for travel and her vast knowledge of our world. Not only is Cherie a tireless champion of the travel and tourism industry but also an approachable, sincere teacher always generous with her time and expertise. Her "Tour Director Training Guide: Get Paid to Travel" should be on every travel agent's, tour operator's, and prospective tour director's/guide's book shelf. It was a real treat for us and our listeners to have Cherie on our radio show

"Travel Talk: Escapes."” February 28, 2009

Hi, Cherie, I just wanted to let you know that T… hired me as a seasonal employee to lead river cruises in France (the Rhone Paris/Lyon to Nice/Monte Carlo to start). I do training in……

Anyway, I wanted to let you know and to say thanks for all the good info you provided as well as the encouragement. You're a great resource, wonderful tour director and trainer, and your book has been very helpful through the process.

Thanks for everything! Cynthia

Hi Cherie ,

I would like to tell you how much I've enjoyed the training . You presented the material in such a way that kept me interested and at the same time gave me the knowledge I need to be successful as a tour director and/ or guide . I must also say , how much I enjoyed chapter 11 , Handling Tour Challenges in which I got some great laughs as well as helpful hints.

I just want to thank you for all your help and giving me advice and suggestions on the "You Do It" challenges and my resume. I greatly appreciate it and looked forward to receiving feedback from you. I am going to rewrite my resume and send it out. I'll let you know when I land a position as a tour director/tour guide,

Take care.

Dona Zona - July 2014

The tools she provides will help get you noticed and in the door. I Landed my first job soon after I graduated. Such a small investment in her wonderful class has yielded such big results. I now work full-time as a professional tour director and port lecturer for a cruise line. I am seeing the world and am loving every minute of it.


I want to tell you how wonderful your class was if it weren’t for your class I would not have been offered the three jobs that I have accepted this week.

Last week I was offered a job with a Destination Management Company to start training with them the first week of April and I accepted it. At the beginning of the interview the company interviewer asked ,”so you are Cherie Anderson trained?,” and I said, “Yes.” His comment:“That is good enough for me!”

Thanks; for a job well done!!


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