Enjoy Living Your Dream Travel Job!

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Learn the BEST PAID 15 travel careers!

These are real paid travel jobs helping the travelers and guests.

Exciting, enriching and fun part-time and full-time careers.

Hourly, daily and or full time with benefits. Some also include gratuities.

Something for everyone, from the young adventurist to the active retiree, anyone that really wants to enjoy their career.

Local, domestic and international tours, programs and cruises. You can stay home and or travel, you have the control.

Click on links directly to employers and their hiring pages.

Get hired in a career you love!

***These are NOT in-house and or sales positions.

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"Enjoy Living Your Dream Travel Job!"

Let me save you time, frustration and $$$s!

Love Your Career!

Only $54

Who is Cherie Anderson?

I have been leading local, domesic and international tours, programs and cruises for years and training others to do the same for over 20 years!

I train professional Tour Directors, Tour Guides, Travel Staff, Field Reprsentatives and Cruise Hosts. We love our travel careers.

Many of you may know me through my Fast Track Training, online courses, or the Tour Director Training Guide, which has been used by colleges and individuals throughout the world. Maybe I spoke and offered training at one of your associations.

I know travel and love helping others live their dream jobs!

Questions? Let me know. I'll help!


949 830 8603 PST

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Blessings of Abundance -- And thank you for being our Teacher into this Whole New World!


Cherie Anderson is a vivacious, detail-oriented, multi-cultural, superior tour director who eagerly shares her passion for travel and her vast knowledge of our world. Not only is Cherie a tireless champion of the travel and tourism industry but also an approachable, sincere teacher always generous with her time and expertise. Her "Tour Director Training Guide: Get Paid to Travel" should be on every travel agent's, tour operator's, and prospective tour director's/guide's book shelf. It was a real treat for us and our listeners to have Cherie on our radio show

"Travel Talk: Escapes."” February 28, 2009


Thank you so very much for everything that you have done to contribute towards launching my career as a tour director.

.... and taught me how to achieve my goal. I will remember information that I learned from you and carry notes with me for the rest of my career.

Everything was fantastic!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the soles of my tour director shoes.

Claes Elfving


Dear Cherie,

I want to express my deepest appreciation to you and to your excellent classes in tour management. I can truly say that you have changed my life!!

I can thank you for the 17 successful years I have had as a Tour Director, along with the 18 exciting years I have spent at sea in my cruise line job. Neither job would have been possible without you.

Not only did you provide detailed instruction and resources, you also provided a personal touch. Through the years you have been available to your students, helping as necessary and rejoicing in our successes. You have put in a good word when it was needed and you have provided new information.

If there is anyone thinking about embarking on a travel career, I would say “Go for it”. With Cherie as your unique teacher, you will have a fantastic journey!

Heidi L

Enjoy Living Your Dream Travel Job!

People spend thousands of dollars and years in travel to learn what you will have at your finger tips!

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I have been training people around the world just like you for over 20 years. They learn the ins and outs of becoming Tour Directors, Tour Managers, Adventure Guides. Student Tour Leaders, Tour Guides, Cruise Hosts and Travel Staff (Conventions, Meetings, and Incentive Market), including step by step procedures and how to get hired now!

My students travel all over the world living the life you are dreaming about. We love our careers!

Order the Tour Director Training Guide and I will save you time and frustration in getting into the travel career of your dreams.

Only  $199.95!



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